How to Buy a Paramotor

The flight industry seems to be keeping up with technological advancement around the globe, and have come up with a new way of flying in a paramotor. A paramotor is one choice you can go when you want to fly and unlike other means of flight, it allows you to control yourself during the process. Instead of buying a paramotor from Aerolight based on its looks or power output, you must understand they are not all the same. In this article, you will see details of the factors to consider when buying a paramotor.

Before buying a paramotor, you must factor in your body weight because this will determine how much engine power you need to propulse you off the ground. During paramotor flight, there are certain obstacles that you are supposed to climb over, which will not be possible if you are too heavy for your engine. Paramotors are usually available with electric or manual starters and before buying one, you must consider which one will suit you better.
If you are intrigued by the cross country style of flight, you can shop now for a paramotor with a good fuel tank capacity to ensure you have for the whole flight. Buying a paramotor that is too heavy for you will make the flight uncomfortable and might result in injuries when you are landing if you cannot accommodate the weight of the paramotor including the engine. When considering a paramotor’s weight consider the weight of the paramotor, its engine, the fuel and all extra weight including the paramotor helmet which you will need.

After or before your flight, you will need to transport your paramotor in whichever car type you have, therefore, to ensure it is transportable, consider one with removable cage sections. There are paramotor manufacturers in the market who are looking to dispose of this product and will not offer you any additional assistance, while there are some good manufacturers like Aerolight. A paramotor with a non clutched engine means that the propellers will start rotating the moment the engine is started while in clutched, the propellers will not rotate if the engine is idle.

Before buying a paramotor, consider the repairs you might have to do; will you be able to repair a frame if you break it and does the manufacturer offer replacements. Since a beginner is bound to encounter some challenges at the beginning, you don’t want a paramotor with frames that will break the first time hence the need to consider strength. You need to factor in the expense of the paramotor; choose the best paramotor you can get at a reasonable price with assured quality. If you are looking to buy a paramotor, these are the factors to take into consideration.